WATCH: 12-Year-Old Trump Fan Destroys Barack H. Obama In Epic Live TV Rant

Maybe there is some hope for the next generation after all. Years of liberal indoctrination is finally being challenged as many young people embrace conservatism.

A 12-year-old Trump supporter, and all around cutie, completely destroyed former President Obama in a viral interview. “He’s done more good in six months than Obama did in 8 years!” Millie March exclaimed.

Young Millie came to national attention earlier this year after a video of her at CPAC went viral. Millie is a very articulate and well-read 12-year-old.

The student’s attire generated a lot of attention. She was decked out in a Trump shirt, with American flag themed leggings and shorts, gold Trump shoes, and of course, a Make America Great Again cap.

Obviously excited, young Millie still speaks with more eloquence than the majority of liberal university professors. Colleges better look out in six years.

While millennials are known for their entitlement, laziness, and general liberalism, the generation after them appears to be embracing conservatism as the new counter culture.

Liberals control the press, the university, the government establishments, Wall street, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood. Now, young rebels are clean-cut and support President Trump.

Millie is a true patriot and has big plans to help her country. In the interview that made her a viral sensation Millie explained that she plans to join the army, then become a police officer, get promoted to homicide detective, retire, become a judge, get nominated to the US Supreme Court – and if there is still time – run for President.

While most people are liberal when they are young and become conservative as they get older, Millie proves that if you are smart enough you can skip the angst filled liberal years altogether.

Maybe there is hope for the next generation after all. Liberals are already falling from their peak of power – which is why so many of them violently lashing out against those like Millie, who are part of the growing conservative movement.

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