EXPOSED – 18 Major Scandals in Obama’s ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency

While President Obama has become famous for his ego, his latest ego trip involves the continued insistence that his was a “scandal free” presidency.

Even though they want to rewrite history, the sad fact remains that is just another lie from this administration. We counted 18 major scandals from the Obama years, and we are highlighting them here.

Number 1: The great “economic stimulus” heist. Obama grabbed almost a trillion dollars to improve the economy, but he created almost no private sector jobs with it and allowed a lot of it to disappear into thin air. After that, he complained because he could not get billions more dollars for infrastructure spending.

Number 2: Operation Fast and Furious. This was an insane program utilized by Obama in order to use American gun dealers and straw purchasers to arm Mexican drug lords. Naturally, there was a huge body count. Attorney General Eric Holder was about to be held in contempt for the scandal, and it was only then that the public learned about it.

Number 3: Eric Holder held in contempt with Congress. This happened as a result of Scandal #2, but it merits a mention on its own. First of all, they spun the contempt vote as mere “political theater,” but this was the first time a sitting cabinet member had been held in contempt by Congress.

Number 4: Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act was nothing more than a massive lie. This was a scam even from the get-go because it was sold on false pretenses. Moreover, no, you can’t keep your plan, and Nancy Pelosi’s incessant urging that we “need to pass it to find out what’s in it” was a total gem of incompetency.

Number 5: Spying on Journalists. Attorney General Eric Holder actually signed off on a WIRETAP against Fox News’s very own James Rosen.

Number 6: Selective Targeting From the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service went off on conservative groups and left liberal groups alone. Moreover, the IRS actually KNEW they had committed wrongdoing even though though the Democrats were able to squelch this scandal.

Number 7: Benghazi. First of all, Obama knew his operation in Libya was a failure from the outset, yet he promoted a false story to buy himself some time during his reelection bid. Moreover, they knowingly sent Ambassador Chris Stevens into a terrorist hot spot without properly protecting him.

Number 8: Hillary Clinton’s secret server. Obama actually knew about this. That alone would have been bad enough to get him impeached, but EPA chief Lisa Jackson also created a fake identity called “Richard Windsor” in order to circumvent government transparency rules.

Number 9: The Pigford Scandal. This involved blatantly abusing a program that was supposed to compensate minority farmers for racial discrimination. Obama and his cronies misused taxpayer dollars for this program and didn’t spend it in the appropriate areas.

Number 10: NSA Spying Scandal. This debacle started with Edward Snowden’s absconding of sensitive data, gained strength when Attorney General Eric Holder yet again jumped in and thanked Snowden for his “public service,” and then continued with the many deliberate lies and omissions Obama made about the scandal.

Number 11: Bowe Bergdahl. This was a prisoner swap, pure and simple. There were many lies, and the law was disobeyed, and Americans were furious because of the fact that some troops died while searching for this Army deserter in the first place.

Number 12: Iran Nuclear Deal and Ransom Payment. Obama provided a “pallet of cash” that he insisted was not a ransom even though it sure looked liked it. Either that or a bribe.

Number 13: Pollution of the Colorado River. Obama’s EPA actually turned this beloved river from my home state orange even though Obama has claimed he is the greenest of all presidents. Naturally, a cover-up was involved as well.

Number 14: The GSA scandal. The General Services Administration was caught wasting absurd amounts of taxpayers’ money on luxurious parties and idiotic projects. People went out of their way to fight accountability. For what wouldn’t be the first time, many journalists openly wondered just what it would take to be fired from a government job with the Obama administration.

Number 15: The VA Death List Scandal. Veterans were put on secret death lists. In the meantime, executives created misleading status reports and gave themselves big bonuses.

Number 16: Solyndra. Obama ignored protocol and cut corners in order to shovel taxpayer money at energy companies that had horrendously bad business models. Truly, this man’s ability to choose bad investments was impeccable.

Number 17: Immense Secret Service Mistakes. The Obama years had the Secret Service become famously incompetent, from occasions where agents met up with hookers, to reports of a couple of them driving drunk, and to even sheer incompetence that allowed a fence jumper to penetrate the White House.

Number 18: Shutdown Hysterics. During the Government Shutdown of 2013, Obama used every trick in the book to get Americans to feel the pain, including stopping veterans from getting to their memorials and releasing illegal criminals from prisons. It was definitely a case where Obama would use taxpayer dollars against regular Americans.

So, as you can see in this very long piece, the claim that Obama has been “scandal free” is a load of hog swill. This man is a joke, and he has had every bit as many impeachable offenses as any of his predecessors if not more.

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