WATCH: 2 Yr-Old Drowning Victim Stuns Millions – This Has Never Happened In Recorded History

Science has advanced at a rapid rate throughout the past ten years alone. We never imagined the impact it would have on our country until now.

On February 29th, 2016 a little girl named Eden Carlson got out of her baby gate while her mother was in the bathroom and fell into a pool, where she essentially drowned. She was eventually saved but left in a vegetative state, doctors assumed, for the rest of her life. According to Dennis Michael LynchA breaking medical treatment called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy brought this little girl back from her vegetative state and reversed her brain damage!

Little Carlson’s mother verified, “When we brought her home, she was a vegetable, unable to do anything.” She continued, “She had a feeding tube, could not speak, could not sit up.” Now, all of that has changed for this little girl.

After the doctors had told the parents that there was nothing that could be done, her mother began researching ways to treat brain damage. It was at this time that she discovered Dr. Paul G. Harch.

Dr. Harch has worked for hyperbaric medicine for quite some time at the LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine. After Carlson’s mother had explained the situation, he said that he would give his treatment method a try to see what would happen.

This brave little girl had treatment for five days a week, each session clocking in at just under an hour. Carlson’s mother verified that after about ten sessions she could see the motor skills returning to her daughter.

Little Eden was able to trace with her eyes, smile, laughing, and even talking. It was truly a miracle. Believe it or not, it got even better for Eden and her family.

As they were closing in on the 40th session, Edan started to get her ability to WALK back! She was able to talk as a normal toddler does, and she was almost back to where she was before the drowning incident.

Believe it or not, this is the first case of its kind. No one else has been able to bring someone back from a vegetative state to fully functioning again. This treatment might be the key we need to “cure’ brain damage if it can be regulated. The fact that is was able to work with one little girl is a positive sign for the future.

Medical Gas Research even confirmed the findings. They stated that after the 40th HBOT treatment they seen an almost complete reversal of the brain damage that had occurred during the drowning incident. They believe that it has something to do with the way that the treatment interacted with her still-developing brain.

There is still hope that this procedure could be used for adults down the line. After some tweaks and a little bit of experimentation, anything is possible; science has taught us that. We wish little Eden and her family the best in the future. If you would like to follow their story you can go to their official Facebook page here.

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