Nurse of Over 20 Years Destroys Hillary’s Abortion Lie From The Debate

Hillary tried to pull a fast one on the American people at the last presidential debate regarding the issue of abortion.

However, there was one nurse who was determined to get the truth out, as per She corrected Hillary Clinton’s statement that late-term abortions are used to protect the life of the mother when carrying the child would endanger her health… they aren’t!

Hillary Clinton was flat-out wrong when she discussed abortion at the debate.

As a nurse of 20 years, she explained that after 24 weeks of pregnancy, the child is considered viable—meaning the child can live outside of the womb.

This means that if any complications arise after 24 weeks of pregnancy that put the mother’s and the child’s life in danger, the doctors perform a C-section to save both lives. The baby might need life-saving support from doctors after the birth, but there’s no reason to intentionally murder it at that point!

Isn’t it funny how quickly Hillary Clinton supporters will allow her to spoon-feed them lies?

Further, the way a partial birth abortion is performed does not save the mother from having to deliver the baby. As the nurse explains, “it’s important to know that a post-viability abortion isn’t going to prevent birth. In fact, birth is in the name — partial birth abortion.”

She goes on to state that when a mother’s life in danger during late pregnancy, her baby could even be delivered by induced labor instead of a C-section.

This goes to show Hillary Clinton does not understand the science behind abortions and is just parading around spreading misinformation.

The media criticized Trump for pointing out what Hillary has been saying:  even in the ninth month, she believes the doctor should be able to rip the baby out of the womb. That is in fact what she believes!

We already have what we need to save the mother ‘s life in the event of an emergency—C-sections or induced labor!

The problem is Hillary Clinton does not value human life, so the facts don’t matter to her.

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