JUST IN: 5 Dead, 44 Wounded In AMERICA. Total Media BLACKOUT.

The news media is not about telling the truth or asking the hard questions. It is about supporting the narrative — a broadly far-Left meme about everything.

On Memorial Day weekend, Americans honored our soldiers who gave their lives, the city of Chicago saw a wave of wanton violence. Five people were slain and 44 were wounded by gunshots. Believe it or not, Chicago police officers are celebrating these stats as a victory, because last year, seven people were killed and 61 were injured. The media refuses to report it, via USA Today.

Gang violence in Chicago is among the worst in the nation. Parts of the city are so reminiscent of a war zone that they have been dubbed “Chiraq.”

Unfortunately for the citizens of Chicago, the city’s Democrat monopoly is unwilling to change in order to stop the violence.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a longtime crony of Barack Obama, has suggested that the violence proves that more stringent gun control is needed, via Allen B. West.

Chicago already has some of the toughest gun laws on the books. What’s left besides complete gun confiscation?

The neverending violence in Chicago proves that liberals will never, ever change the narrative. If elites are still more concerned about “Islamophobia” in the wake of a terrorist attack that deliberately targeted children, then they are certainly not going to give up gun control because of more deaths in Gangland.

All Americans should be concerned about Chicago’s descent into absolute chaos. The same goes for the urban blight that is currently taking over Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, and other American cities.

Violence-plagued cities tend to become nations within themselves. In Europe, for example, the Muslim-majority suburbs of Paris and Stockholm have become breeding grounds for jihadis.

In America, there is a chance that Chicago and Baltimore could produce terrorists with different motivations. They may as well be thought of as factories that produce terrorists and other criminals.

Back in 1986, a Chicago street gang called El Rukns was caught trying to buy missiles from Libya. The Muslim and Black Nationalist gang promised the Libyan government that they would use the weapons to blow up federal buildings, via Chicago Tribune.

Given that many former gangbangers have joined up with ISIS, it is not impossible that something similar could happen again.

If not this, then gangsters in Chicago could try to emulate their narco brothers in Mexico.

South of the border, cartels with military-grade weapons rule the streets as narco-insurgents. Beheadings, kidnappings, and bombings are the norm.

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