BREAKING: 6 Killed, 34 Wounded On US Soil. Total Media Blackout

2016 was the year when the American media officially abandoned its responsibility to the American public. Rather than report on the real goings-on in the country and across the world, the media became #TheResistance to President Trump and his supporters.

Few cases highlight media malfeasance quite like the City of Chicago. Over the weekend, “Chiraq” experienced a string of shootings that killed six people and wounded thirty-five, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The mainstream media almost never reports on these shootings, despite the fact that they are a regular occurrence in America’s third-largest city.

Local media has reported that the victims of this weekend’s tragedy range in ages from eighteen to fifty-nine, reports Fox 32 Chicago A few of the victims may have been nothing more than innocent bystanders.

The media’s silence over Chicago has many explanations.

Although a vast majority of those killed are Hispanic and black, their executioners also happen to be overwhelmingly black and Hispanic. Such intra-racial crime is not considered newsworthy. Black Lives Matter and their allies at CNN and MNSBC only care about black lives when they are slain by non-blacks (preferably white police officers).

Secondly, the tragic story of Chicago highlights the utter futility of gun control. Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, but conversely, has some of the highest gun crime and gun murder rates, this according to The Trace.

Cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit point out that guns are not the reason for gun crime–its culture.

Third, Chicago gets the cold shoulder from the mainstream media because the growing presence of Mexican cartels in the city points to the main problem with illegal immigration. Even more frightening, the Chicago Tribune reports that the endemic corruption that comes in the wake of Mexican cartels has already bled over into Chicago’s government.

Finally, media’s talking heads do not want to talk about Chicago because it would reflect badly on former President Barack Obama. Obama began his career as a “community organizer” in the Windy City. Therefore, given Chicago’s poor state, it seems that the much-vaunted Obama did next to nothing in his hometown.

The only major figure willing to talk about the violence problem in Chicago is President Trump. Earlier this year, President Trump threatened to send federal cops into the city in order to crack down on the violence.

The city’s Democrat leadership reacted to this news with indignation. They routinely react this way when six people die in a weekend.

Something, anything has to be done in order to save Chicago.

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