BREAKING: Retired Admiral Comes Forward, Spills the Beans About Muslim Terror Cells

We know about the mounting threat of terrorism around the world and in our own country. Admiral James Lyons has and important message that we ALL need to hear.

The Left would have you believe that outreach programs are the key to stopping terrorists. They believe that if we would just let everyone know that we care, then they won’t want to kill us. Liberals couldn’t be any more wrong. According to Jihad Watch, Adm. Lyons says that “travel bans from jihadi hot spots […] are urgently needed” to stop terrorism.

If you recall, back when President Trump initially announced the travel ban, there was OUTRAGE from liberals. Libs could not fathom why it would be a good idea to stop people from entering the country. If you look at it from an economic standpoint — we just cannot sustain that many individuals. However, it goes much deeper than that.

The big problem with not stopping people from entering your country is that you let people in who do not care about your values. Terrorists who come here do so for one reason: to kill innocent people. Why weren’t we checking to see who was coming here before? Why were the laws so LAX?

Regardless, people did make it in here. We went through some of the most devastating terrorist attacks the world has ever seen, including September 11th.  So many innocent people died when it all could have been prevented.

A simple investigation into the backgrounds of some of these people would have raised red flags immediately. They were not here to start a new life; they were here to take away innocent lives.

The Left honestly thinks we shouldn’t ban terrorists from coming here. Rather, they believe we should fix them once they are here. If they come here full of rage, liberals believe that just by visiting with them they can reverse their desire to kill people. But it doesn’t work that way.

We are not even taking into account the people initially converted by terrorists. It can get very frightening in a hurry.

The only way we are going to be able to restore our country back to the prime condition it once was is by closing off our borders for a while and keeping the terrorists OUT. England is a prime example of what happens if you let immigration run wild. That country has experienced three attacks in less than one month.

The insanity there knows no bounds. All the while, the Muslim mayor of London has been telling everyone they “need to relax” and everything is “fine”. How can he possibly say that when there are children getting blown up by suicide bombers in the country in which he lives?

There has to be a line in the sand, and the extremists have crossed it one too many times. We WILL not be intimidated by these monsters anymore. It is time to fight back; for our friends, our family, and our country!

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