WATCH – After What Melania Just Did, Everyone In America Fell In Love With Her…

Melania Trump continues to exceed expectations in her role as First Lady with dignity and pure class.

Melania Trump hosted her first luncheon as First Lady. The event was held in the Senate Dining Hall in celebration of International Women’s Day. Melania used the luncheon to offer her support to the women around the world who are truly suffering as a result of their gender, via Daily Mail.

The luncheon was co-hosted with Second Lady Karen Pence. President Trump and Vice-President Pence stopped by near the end of the event to show their support.

Melania was dressed in a black Ralph Lauren dress, rejecting the protesters of the “Day Without A Woman March” who asked women to wear red. Instead of taking the day off work, Mrs. Trump used International Women’s Day to highlight REAL oppression in the world.

“There remains far more brutal and terrifying incarnations of actual gender persecution which we must face together, such as forced enslavement, sexual abuse, and absolute repression of far too many women and girls around the globe,” explained the First Lady.

Liberal American women, on the other hand, decided to use the day to pretend to be victims of oppression. Clearly, these entitled brats who took to the streets to protest “man-spreading” do not understand what true oppression looks or feels like.

“We must remember these women in our daily prayers and use our combined resources to help free them from such unthinkable and inhumane circumstances,” Melania concluded.

The First Lady’s message is clearly resonating with women and men across the nation, as her approval rating has skyrocketed from 36 percent to 52 percent. Americans are sick of fake feminists who decry the “sexism” present in America while ignoring the real oppression women face the world over.

We live in the greatest country in the world where women and men are equally free in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, yet feminists skipped work to protest our president, which ultimately forced many schools to shut down nationwide.

True patriots are getting fed up with the antics of liberal feminists. Thankfully, we have Melania Trump to act as a role model for the young ladies of America.

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