WATCH – American In Iraq DEFIES Trump-Haters With Urgent Video Warning

After days of hearing liberals protest Trump’s travel ban, a badass American working in Iraq decided to put his two cents into the conversation.

In a video that has absolutely blown up on the Internet, Steven Gern asks Iraqis one simple question… “If I went out on the town, would I be welcome?” The answer he got was a resounding, NO!

Keep in mind the people Mr. Gern was talking to were locals, not ISIS or any other faction fighting against the United States.

The people he talked to are “normal” people in Iraq, which proves the hatred these people have for Americans.

They don’t want our culture in their country. That is understandable, because we surely don’t want their culture here. BUT, liberals want us to accept them here, while they readily admit they do not want Americans in THEIR country. Is that not just a bit hypocritical?

According to Gern the “regular” people of Iraq hate us and have so much animosity towards Americans, so imagine the hatred of the militants and radicals whose only purpose it to kill Americans!

Why would our government EVER want these people in our country? If you ask me, that travel ban should not be temporary, but permanent!

Earlier this week, Mike Pence said we are living in “dangerous times,” and he could not be more right. Every single day, radicals are trying to figure out a way to get into this country and do harm to the citizens of the United States.

In addition, we have to worry about certain niches of our own citizens being radicalized. We see this happening in our poor neighborhoods and prisons. Virtually anywhere you find people with a grudge against the government you find radicals trying to convince them to hurt their fellow Americans.

The first day of the ban saw hundreds of possible terrorists detained, with several real threats stopped! Our President it NOT being racist or bigoted, he is doing his job by keeping Americans safe.

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