Obama Says Americans WANT Him Back for a 3rd Term. THIS Response is Perfect!

Alright, Barack Hussein Obama. You think Americans want you for a third term? No, you’re a failure and real Americans are SICK of you.

You should have been impeached for your lies, arrested for your crimes, and kicked OUT of the White House on your first day.

Your hubris never ceases to amaze me. You claim to be all about America, yet you treat the document from which this country was founded like a punchline in a joke—that is until you need it to rebuke conservatives when they try to put you in your place.

Your idea of America is the second coming of Russia. I am not sure if you understand this or not, but in America we like, no, LOVE to work for what we earn. Real Americans don’t want things handed to them—they just want the opportunity to do something incredible.

People like you—for example, Hillary and Bernie—have somehow poisoned the minds of an entire generation. Our young people think they are entitled to things they have NOT earned, and it makes me sick.

Somehow, America went from the land of opportunity to the land of the status quo.

Every day I wake up and sit down at my desk to try to figure out a way to get better and become more successful at what I do. This generation of coddled millennials, who have embraced your socialist view, wake up and ask what Uncle Obama and Uncle Bernie are sending them today.

Safe spaces… really? Had I acted like the kids today I would have faced the backhand of a thick-armed Irishman who would have dared me to cry as I picked myself up off the ground!

And I have not even touched the problems outside our borders, some of which you have now brought inside our borders. You constantly defend immigrants and refugees, give them American money to live off, yet you somehow wonder why we are having so many problems with drugs, crime, and radical terrorists.

I am not saying America has ever been or will ever be perfect, but it was a great country until you ruined it. In eight years, you have set our country back decades. Up until your presidency, the country had continued to move forward under both left and right leadership. You managed to take us not only back in time in terms of civil unrest, but you also put us at incredible risk when it comes to terrorism.

You know who wants you to run for a third term? Children! Petulant, immature, and irresponsible children. Do you know who does NOT want you to still be president? Responsible and hard-working Americans who are tired of footing the bill for freeloaders and actually want to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If people in this country wanted a third term of Obama, they would have voted in Hillary because she made it quite clear her presidency would be an extension of yours!

Instead, we voted in a man who has NEVER held so much as a city council position because we were tired of the corruption and lies from the people who were supposed to represent us and address our concerns but instead did nothing but push their own personal agendas and line their pockets.

We are done with you Obama, at least those of us with an opinion that actually matters, so please, just go away and leave us alone so Trump can get us back on track and Make America Great Again!

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