WATCH: Ann Coulter DEFIES Trump-Haters, Risks Her Life With This Announcement

Ann Coulter is one of the few proud Americans who are willing to risk everything, including her life, in defense of her convictions.

The University of Berkeley is attempting silence Ann Coulter by blocking her from giving a speech scheduled for next Thursday. Coulter defied them and said, “I am giving the speech. I don’t know, what are they going to do? Arrest me?”

The University expressed concerns of violence, but Coulter thinks there is something darker underfoot.

UC Berkeley is a state-funded university, and was the home of the free speech movement launched in 1964-65. Ironically, Berkeley has grown to become the hub of campus censorship as they block conservative speakers.

Universities across the nation are becoming more and more hostile to conservative ideas, but Berkeley is leading the charge. Earlier this year, national attention was turned to Berkeley when protesters successfully blocked Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking.

Brazened by their ability to censor, the students continued their crusade against education and arrived to protest a free speech rally held in Berkeley last weekend. (via The Angry Patriot).

The rioters resorted to violence to achieve their goals. They smashed windows and lit vehicles on fire to block Milo, and they appeared armed with bricks and small explosives to oppose free speech.

Yet Ann Coulter thinks it is not just rioters that are blocking her from speaking. Coulter thinks that she is being targeted by the faculty of Berkeley. Conservative speakers are forced to jump through hoops that liberals are not, and when she was not willing to play along, the school outright canceled her event.

However, Coulter will not let the administration win that easily. She will show up to the public school as scheduled next week to deliver her speech. She is a firm believer in the right to free speech, and she is willing to be arrested to stand up for her beliefs.

It is utterly antithetical to the idea of free expression to allow violent thugs impose their will on others.

The faculty and police should be standing with Coulter against the protesters defending her right to speak, yet the cowards of Berkeley lack any conviction and appease the rioters demands.

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