Armed Thug Invades The WRONG Home, Gets Taught Lesson By ENTIRE Family

The Second Amendment is one of our constitutional rights for a reason: to have the ability to protect ourselves and those we love. Every family has the right to bear arms and keep their home safe from criminals.

An armed mother, father, and son were ready when an intruder entered their home. They gave him two choices. He could either flee into the night like the coward he was, or he could pay the price for breaking and entering. He picked the latter.

The intruder lived less than a mile from the house he tried to rob. He tried to sneak in through the back door, but, apparently, stealth was not his strong suit. The family was waiting for him to enter the house and immediately let off warning shots to let him know that it was time to go.

He pressed forward, and all three members of this tight-knit family shot him dead inside of their home. He had it coming. The whole family was in danger, and they simply did what needed to be done.

A police officer was interviewed and he made sure to cite the Castle Doctrine. Essentially, this means that even though this burglar did not have a gun of his own, he was still warned to leave. He made his decision and had to live — or not live — because of it.

In light of the situation, neighbors of the family have come out to say that they are supportive and wish them the very best. It is great to see patriots SUPPORTING one another in times like these.

We are waiting for the Left to come out and cry foul. Whenever someone gets shot, even if they are committing a crime, most of the time the Left starts preaching about gun control. They are sorely mistaken if they think they are going to get control of OUR guns!

The possibilities of what could have happened if this family did not have guns range from sad to terrifying. He may have run in there and robbed the family blind. Thousands of dollars, if not more, would have been lost. The result could have ended up with a family who lost everything due to a petty thief, which is simply not acceptable.

When you consider that the man COULD have been armed it gets scary. We have to remember that “gun control” works in the same way that “the war on drugs” works. Just because you ban something, that does not mean that it will not get into the wrong hands. If he would have ran in with a gun against an unarmed family, the result could have been grim indeed.

It is important that we remember that defending your home is something that every AMERICAN family is entitled to do. If you want to be stupid and rob someone’s house, you may pay with your life. You cannot feel bad for people who are only doing what they need to do to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

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