Guess Who’s REALLY Behind The Attorney General Who Blocked Trump’s Order?

Washington State Attorney General Robert Ferguson has tried to stop President Trump’s executive order, along with other Democrats filing lawsuits for people affected by the ban.

Attorney General Robert Ferguson has received money from George Soros. The Aspen Institute, an organization funded by Soros, counts Ferguson among its members. The attorney also received a fellowship from the organization.

The Aspen Institute has some questionable views — for one, they see America as a nation that is rife with “structural racism.”

They also try to warn the American people that “the circumpolar Arctic region is experiencing significant ecological change due to global climate change,” which they claim is caused by the industrial activity of humans on Earth.

This organization receives money from Soros’s Open Society Institute, which means it is as corrupt as the billionaire himself. All of the lawsuits seem to be connected to Soros in some way, and each use the argument of religious liberty to oppose the ban.

But Trump’s ban does not have anything to do with the religious aspects of the migrants, which the attorneys would know if they read the document. They are ignoring the fact that this ban is in place to keep America safe.

Besides, the liberals don’t care about religious freedom, not really. They will persecute Christians all day long but defend Muslims even when religious persecution against them is not a factor.

Ferguson’s argument for standing against Trump’s order convinced the judge to temporarily block the ban of immigrants from seven countries because it was “separating Washington families, harming thousands of Washington residents, damaging Washington’s economy, hurting Washington-based companies, and undermining Washington’s sovereign interest in remaining a welcoming place for immigrant and refugees,” via LifeZette.

I wonder if Soros told Ferguson to say all these things or if he managed to come up with them by himself. Soros has made it perfectly clear he is an enemy of America and wants nothing more than to see it fall.

Soros is the face of the movement against Donald Trump, a man the American people elected to lead this country. Soros tries to influence anyone he can to protest and riot against Trump, using his money and power to change the tone of America.

I believe he will buy anyone to get his way, from people on the street to our attorneys to the mainstream media. He is brainwashing the people to believe one thing: that Trump is the enemy. He is the puppet master, and his influence over this country needs to end.

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