WATCH – Joy Behar TRASHES Beautiful Melania and “That Child” With Sick Insult

Once again, the Harpies of ‘The View’ are attacking Donald Trump and his family, their rage and tone something to be wondered at. The things Joy Behar say are truly disgusting!

Both Joy and Whoopi Goldberg were griping and complaining that the National Endowment for the Arts was being defunded, blaming Melania and Barron Trump’s living arrangements costs as the culprit.

The thing is, the funding actually hasn’t been cut, it is just being considered right now, but it’s impossible to try to tell that to The View or the rest of the mainstream media.

They would rather turn around and insult Melania and Barron, implying that the two don’t deserve our protection just because Trump is making some budget cuts.

This all started when the Heritage Foundation and the Republican Study Committee in the House of Representatives recommended that Trump remove the program, and similar programs. I imagine he will cut it, but no decisions have been made. (via Biz Pac Review)

Still, the Hollywood Liberal horde has already picked up their pitchforks. Instead of making some kind of factual argument about why the National Endowment Fund should stay, they just attack our First Lady and First Son.

To me, that indicates that Goldberg and Behar don’t actually care about the fund, they’ll just take any excuse available to go on a rant about Trump’s Administration and family. You know what else proves they don’t actually care? If they really wanted to, these two old bitties and the rest of the liberal elites could chip in and save this National Endowment of the Arts.

Seriously, what would it take, a few thousand for every celebrity who has been whining about Trump? If its really so important to you, prove it!

Everyone in Liberal Hollywood makes millions of dollars, but they still think the taxpayer should fund anything they deem important. Reportedly, from The View alone, Behar makes an average of $2.5 million a year, and Whoopi has been making $5 million a year. (via Daily Mail)

Their hateful and aggressive tone has not gone unnoticed. The American people are criticizing Behar for revealing her disdain for Barron by calling him “that child.” This is just like when Rosie O’Donnell called Barron Trump autistic. They senselessly attack a small boy just because he’s Trump’s son. It’s downright disgraceful.

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