BREAKING: Ben Carson Breaks His Silence, Reveals The Truth About Russia Investigation

Ben Carson is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He’s also an intelligent man with valuable opinions. Now, we finally get to hear what he has to say about Russia.

Carson appeared on Fox News radio before the weekend — he believes that Mueller should be allowed to investigate Trump, but for a CLEARLY different reason than the liberals are pushing. He said, “…there’s nothing to find, that’s why they keep going down these empty rabbit holes. That will continue to be the case, because there’s nothing there.” (via Dennis Michael Lynch)

Carson believes the results of the investigation would finally shut liberals up. The very HOPE of shutting them up is promising. If we’ve learned anything from the election, it’s this — the left will never keep their mouths shut. Not even after embarrassing failures like this one.

When the investigation turns up nothing, the left will make more excuses. “Mueller was corrupt!” — we can hear them now. Here’s the problem, though. Every time the left comes up short, there will be another excuse as to why.

The left would accuse Trump of colluding with Russia, no matter what. That’s all they do — find things to get offended about, or make accusations about. We, for one, grew tired of it a long time ago.

It’s hard to take anyone on the left at their word. You can’t listen to someone who isn’t willing to accept simple facts. They live in a different reality, that’s for sure.

We have heard, time and time again, that there’s NO evidence supporting a Trump-Russia plot. All we’ve ever seen is the liberal media chasing their tails on live TV, sometimes for hours at a time.

If you get enough liberals together, they can convince people of anything. We know better than to buy their lies, though. If you’re going to make such a bold claim, liberals, show us evidence — or don’t bother.

President Trump has no problem calling out the mainstream media every chance he gets. It’s nice to have a president who UNDERSTANDS why bias exists in our country. If that bias runs rampant, we’ll see entitled college kids whining. All because a speaker whom they disagree with is visiting their school.

Liberals are still crying — but now they’re trying to use physical violence to get their point across. It is COMPLETELY unacceptable. At some point, we need to stop them, or this is only going to worsen.

If we speak out against fake news, and support people like Ben Carson, we can turn the tables.

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