BREAKING: Ben Carson Finds $500 BILLION In Fraud, Links It Directly To…

We knew President Trump appointed the right man to lead our federal government’s housing department.

Democrats were desperate to prevent Dr. Ben Carson from being confirmed as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and we now know why. Dr. Carson has uncovered over $500 billion in fraud linked to the Obama administration. (via HUDOIG)

Dr. Carson was able to uncover this staggering fraud despite being blocked at every turn by agencies within HUD. He discovered that the department was not keeping appropriate account of their finances, which created problems in previous assets.

The budget of HUD grew immensely under former President Obama, who may be complicit in the fraud.

The audit released by Dr. Ben Carson details that HUD was claiming losses against assets that did not exist. The lawyer in charge refused to claim responsibility. This may be a giant Ponzi scheme being run from within the government.

At the very least, the audit reveals that multiple agencies within the department were not appropriately reporting their finances or disclosing their assets. It is unknown how much has been kept hidden.

At worst, this audit could reveal massive levels of corruption and theft within the U.S. government under Obama. Billions of dollars are simply not accounted for.

At best, the audit indicates the inherent problem of running what is essentially a massive welfare program with an annual budget of over $50 billion and no ability to hold agents accountable.

It is unfortunate, but this is exactly what you would expect to happen. When you allow bureaucrats to spend other people’s money on ephemeral goals like urban development, waste is guaranteed without the proper checks and balances.

When you pool billions of dollars into poorly-managed accounts overseen by scores of people, fraud is guaranteed. Corrupt bureaucrats will flock to the departments where their corruption will go unnoticed, and, as Carson documents, HUD definitely didn’t have a handle on their finances.

We need to stop the growth of the federal government and scale back spending to a manageable level.

Massive government cannot do anything right, and they cannot be trusted with taxpayer money.

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