Ben Carson Accused of “Racism” After Saying THIS About Barack H. Obama

The ultra-liberal, race-baiting Democratic party is at it again. It will use anything it can for leverage in order to enforce its liberal policies. This time, it is accusing retired neurosurgeon and Presidential candidate Ben Carson of racism. Carson, who arguably has accomplished far more than Obama could ever dream of, used just two words to ignite these liberal crybabies.

During an interview for Politico with radio host Glenn Thrush, Carson distinguished Obama’s early experience from his own. He said although he is proud that Obama is the first person of color to become president, he was “raised white.”

“His experience and my experience are night and day,” Ben Carson said. “He didn’t grow up like I grew up by any stretch of the imagination. Not even close.”

Carson said Obama’s experiences are different than many other African Americans because he spent his formative years in Indonesia. “For him to claim he identifies with black Americans is a bit of a stretch.”

Carson has accomplished quite a bit in his life, but folks it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out there was absolutely nothing in Dr. Carson’s statement to indicate racism. Nothing at all. When are liberals going to learn not to scream racism every time someone has a differing opinion from them?

I’m totally dumbfounded by a number of facts here: first of all, how in the world can Dr. Ben Carson be accused of being racist against Obama when he is black himself? And how in the world can you be racist simply for saying your upbringing was different?

Liberals owe Ben Carson an apology, and they owe the American people an apology as well for turning everything, including race, into a political football.

Personally, I wouldn’t count on getting that apology any time soon.

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