JUST IN – Biggest Election Fraud In U.S History Just Got Exposed, Details Are MASSIVE

Most Americans think election fraud only happens in authoritarian countries like Russia and China, but new evidence reveals that even our system is not immune.

The non-partisan investigative organization Black Box Voting released the documentary Fraction Magic which reveals how systematic voter fraud occurs in America. The documentary was produced by Bev Harris and released for free on YouTube. In the film, they demonstrate how the software can alter election results in real time. Harris calls this, “the most devastating election theft mechanism yet found.”

This new evidence is another piece that bolsters President Trump’s claim that the “system is rigged.” We now know the system is, in fact, rigged in MANY ways.

It is estimated that up to 3 million illegal immigrants will cast their vote in a general election, and they are able to because of the non-existent voter ID laws in many blue states. This is in addition to the surprising number of dead voters who supported Hillary Clinton, and the manipulation of voting machines.

The fact that President Trump won the election in spite of the fact that the contest was rigged is proof that he has garnered enormous support across the nation. It is unclear how many illegal votes were cast in favor of Hillary, but the fact that she cheated and LOST is a sign that the Democrats have been soundly rejected.

Bev Harris is the nation’s leading expert in voter fraud, and her non-partisan organization has been researching the issue since 2003. Black Box Voting has been critical of electronic voting machines since the machines were first unveiled.

Bev Harris discovered software that is present in voting machines already used all across the country. It is by far the most powerful tool for vote manipulation discovered thus far. The software causes votes to be “fractured” so they can be rounded in order to change the results in favor of any candidate the cheater wishes to support.

The program tabulates votes locally, votes are entered into the machine, and results are spit out. This process cannot be monitored, which is why it is called “black box” voting. However, the software is designed with a backdoor access that allows election supervisors to access the results of the election before they have been reported. This backdoor can be used to change the results of any election at any time — before, during, or after voting takes place.

As an example, if an election contractor wanted to rig an election for their candidate to win with a 60/40 split, they would need to split the votes into fractions. They need to split the votes because they cannot be sure how many citizens will cast their vote. If the votes were not split, than the final results could show that 40,000.4 people voted for a certain candidate, which would certainly raise some red flags. Yet, if all votes are split into fractions, the fraud is harder to detect.

Harris explains that this system “can give contract signing authority to whoever the user chooses… All political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors. It runs silently, invisibly, and can produce plausible results that really pass for the real thing.” The fact that this process exists should discredit the entire use of electronic voting machines, which need to be discontinued at once.

Democrats have been relying on voter fraud to win elections for decades, and they are still losing. By the time 2020 rolls around, and President Trump has drained the swamp, we will see the true feelings of the American people, and it will be a staggering endorsement of President Trump.

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