Here’s the Word Bill Clinton Used to Describe His Rape Victim

More and more stories of Bill Clinton’s indiscretions are being brought to light, so we could not help but browse through some of the original stories, tapes, and interviews from his Presidency. One of them just had me shaking my head in disgust.

As some of you may remember, Paula Jones was one of the first women to call out Clinton on his sexual indiscretions claiming, according to an article on the Baltimore Sun website at the time, “…he dropped his pants, and demanded oral sex.” How did this piece of trash refer to her after the charges were filed? According to a recording posted on, he called her a “floozy” and a “nobody.”

So, in Bill Clinton’s mind, did categorizing her in this way justify him demeaning her? All this does is show his immense disrespect and disregard for the women working for him during his political career. I am still shocked at how most of his despicable behavior was kept under wraps for so long.

Furthermore, we really have to question the character of Hillary Clinton. She KNEW all of this was happening and chose to participate in the cover up! Recent stories actually have Hillary behind physical and financial threats imposed on his victims.

Let’s stop puling punches here. If the allegations from all the women coming forward now are true, Bill Clinton is a serial rapist. THIS is who the Democratic party chose to put into office. You cannot tell me with all the vetting that is done of candidates, the powers that be in the Democratic party did not know this was happening!

Apparently, Democrats simply do not care about character. Use your power to do whatever you want as long as you can toe the party line and put its policies in place. It is this very attitude that is driving more and more Democrats over to the Trump camp.

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