BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly Issues Urgent Warning to Trump. It’s War.

The No Spin Zone master himself, Bill O’Reilly, has an important message for President Trump. He NEEDS to hear this from every single patriot in the country.

O’Reilly put his warning out on Twitter for the world to see. His message read, “If Republicans in the Senate do not stick together, they will lose. And so will working Americans who deserve a tax cut.” O’Reilly continued, “Becoming clear that Senate Democrats are not going to cooperate in any tax cut legislation designed by Republicans. Nasty Brawl shaping up.”

The president needs to let those words echo in his mind because they are 100% factual. We have witnessed the GOP in conflict with itself on issues that should be cut and dry. For example, John McCain ALWAYS opposed Obamacare, according to The Hill, until Trump tried to do away with it.

Democrats sure are not going to cut Trump any slack, either. They don’t even know what they want. All we have gathered from them is that they are really upset that Hillary lost the campaign, and they’re going to try to take Trump down however they can.

One of the best points that O’Reilly makes in his tweet is that the Republicans in the Senate won’t be the only ones to lose — the American people will lose, too. We voted in President Trump because his agenda aligned with ours.

Now, because the Senate wants to oppose Trump, he can’t get legislation to move through that reflects how We the People  feel.It is a disgrace to our political system that there is this much turmoil.

It should be as simple as the party following the lead of the Americans who voted for them. Now, it is this clogged, messy system, where personal agendas always prevail. Enough is enough — it’s time to take our country back.

Obamacare has done an immeasurable amount of damage to our nation. The only way we are going to be able to fix this problem is if we repeal it now and wash our hands. If we have to wait around until it inevitably crashes and burns the taxpayers are going to be left picking up the pieces.

O’Reilly muses at the end regarding a “nasty brawl” shaping up, and he might not be far from the truth. The tension in Washington is already so thick you could cut the air with a knife, and the pressure builds every day. Simple interactions are becoming these messy, emotionally-charged affairs, and we only have the traitors in our government to blame.

The only way we are going to be able to get control of our system again is if we kick out these rats who don’t want to do their job and refuse to obey the will of the American people. It is sad how unfit for office some of these people are. Let’s go back to John McCain: the man is holding a personal grudge against the president because of something he said two years ago, so now he is making passing legislation impossible.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We are tired of the personal interests of our politicians outshining the wishes of the majority of this country. We demand to see REAL change, and we demand to see it NOW!

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