BLUE LIVES MATTER! Viral Bodycam Video Shows EXACTLY Why Cops Can’t Hesitate

This disturbing video is the exact reason why cops cannot hesitate when it comes to criminals. Sometimes, it has to be shoot first and ask questions later.

In this video, captured by a police bodycam, Captain Michael Schulman is shot by a criminal under the arm, breaking two ribs and puncturing his lung, as per Freedom Daily.

Schulman was accompanied by Officer Jeffery Martin, and both are officers of the police department in Lavonia, Georgia.

They pulled a man over for a routine traffic stop before they found out the man was a veteran criminal and the car was stolen.

The suspect’s name was Khari Anthony Dashaun Gordon, a man who had been arrested around 20 times before this incident. He was, at that moment, out on bond for attempted murder, and this was unknown by Martin and Schulman.

Gordon was being questioned by the police, and Schulman kept asking him to remove his hands from his jacket pockets. Schulman also asked what was in his pockets, and then everything took a dark turn as the criminal allegedly reached for his gun.

That’s when Schulman was shot, and Martin was reportedly shot as well, and they were forced to flee to wait for paramedics. This is why police cannot hesitate with dangerous criminals—sometimes it is either the criminal or the police officer who is taken down.

Gordon was arrested on Monday night and has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault of an officer, two counts of criminal attempt to commit murder, and one count of possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony, as per WSBTV.

This is why our officers need to act and shoot when necessary, but liberals couldn’t care less about the lives of police officers, who protect and defend the American people. These officers were injured and could have been killed by this criminal, but, thankfully, they are expected to survive their wounds.

Our police officers should not be afraid of being reprimanded by the sensitive public because the person committing a crime happens to be black. Our police officers put their lives on the line every single day, and they have to do things that are necessary.

With movements like Black Lives Matter making it difficult for police to do their jobs, they are not only meeting opposition in the line of duty but outside of it as well. Most police officers are not dirty and only shoot when necessary, and we need to let them do their jobs.

Too many police officers are dying because of criminals in the world whose mission in life is to do what’s best for them no matter the law and no matter who dies in the process. The people need to sit back and let this country’s police departments do their jobs.

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