WATCH: Eric Bolling Demolishes Anti-Trumpers In Fiery On-Air Tirade

President Trump and former President Ronald Reagan have a lot in common, according to Eric Bolling.

The Fox News host has an important message for obstructionist Democrats and the RINOs derailing the President. “Get on board y’all, or Trump will drain that swamp with you in it,” Bolling says.

Bolling explains that now is the time to start working with President Trump. The economy is soaring, people are going back to work, and businesses are rewarding the renewed confidence in our country.

Het explains that we have seen this before with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Bolling believes that President Reagan and President Trump have a lot in common.

Both of the great presidents ran for election on the promise to make America great again and with the goal of eliminating corruption from the institutions of Washington DC.

President Reagan was obstructed immediately after taking office as traitors from both sides of the aisle tried to prevent him from accomplishing anything.

Similarly, both Democrats and establishment Republicans are committed to blocking any effort proposed by President Trump, even if it benefits their constituents.

Essentially, Democrats are sore losers, and would rather America lose with them instead of thriving under President Trump. However, the establishment’s hatred for President Trump is even more pronounced because of their fear of a political outsider. If President Trump is allowed to succeed it would prove the irrelevance of the political elite.

Bolling explains that both President Reagan and President Trump have our nations best interests at heart while “obstructionists have no heart.” President Trump won the election fair and square, and by opposing the President, these traitors are opposing the will of the people.

Much to the dismay of the establishment, President Trump has had an incredibly successful first six months in office. His success is even more impressive when you consider the dogged opposition he has faced.

Like Reagan, President Trump is set to go down as an American hero. We are living through a great turning point in our nation’s history, where We the People will take back control of Washington DC.

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