BREAKING: Bombshell Evidence Surfaces In Hillary Email Case, Media Panicking

The DNC leaks were, undoubtedly, the second most talked about event of last year, only behind Donald Trump winning the election from the Shillary. News JUST released regarding the leaks. Dems should be running and hiding.

An IT specialist who goes by the name “The Forensicator,”–likely a cover to keep himself safe from retaliation on the Left–released an interesting and detailed report that proves that the DNC was NOT hacked by Russia. It was an inside job all along. Just a mere FIVE days before Seth Rich was murdered, the DNC emails were copied LOCALLY–not remotely. 

You might be wondering why this is so important. Think about it for a second. The proven upload speed of the data transfer was 23 megabytes per second [mbps]. It would be IMPOSSIBLE to transfer data that quickly unless you were either: A. On a LAN in the surrounding networks. or B. On THE computer where the files were being stored.

The chance of them being copied from outside of the DNC, let alone another country, are slim to NONE. Knowing what we know now also lends credibility to the proof that Seth Rich was MURDERED for turning on his own party and getting the emails stored on a flash drive.

Internet hacker Kim Dot Com admitted that he worked with an agent named “Panda” to release the documents. He explains that “Panda” gave him a LOT of information about the DNC, voter fraud, and other areas of politics that the Dems would like to keep us from knowing.

Kim explains on multiple outlets how he was connected to Seth Rich AKA “Panda.” They worked together, and Seth is the one who had to grab the files from the DNC. Sadly, Rich was murdered, and now the reason seems pretty clear.

The “Forensicator’s” report has plenty of other information that ties everything together and shows that there is nowhere else this information could have come from, except for the building where it was stored.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Eastern Daylight Time settings were on in the computer system where the files were pulled from, demonstrating that this had to take place somewhere on the East Coast. Additionally, the 23 mbps data transfer really narrows it down to where this took place.

The point is, this story is becoming unraveled right before our very eyes. The Democrats have been lying, and people in high places had Seth Rich MURDERED for exposing the truth. It may be a slow process, but soon everything will be revealed, and some powerful people are going to have to answer some hard questions.

They were able to murder poor Seth Rich, but once everyone gets together and confronts them. there is nothing they can do. We WILL get justice for Rich. He grabbed those documents because he knew how corrupt the DNC was and he felt it was his duty to expose the truth. Disturbingly enough, the DNC staff spoke about “making examples” of people who crossed the DNC or HRC. You can read that “leaked” email here.

Rich is a hero in that regard. If we didn’t have the information from him, we may very well still be grasping at straws. Once this is all said and done, people are going to JAIL for the rest of their LIVES.

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