BREAKING: Dems Attack Trump For Russia “Back Channel,” I Guess They Forgot About THIS

The Trump-Russia conspiracy just will not end. Now, following reports that Jared Kushner is a so-called “person of interest” in the case, liberals are salivating over their conspiracy theory that Kushner tried to open a “backdoor” channels with Russian officials back in December.

However, those same reports also say that a “backdoor” was never opened. Also, their beloved President Obama used his own backchannel way back in 2008. Instead of Christian Russia, the Obama administration opened a backchannel with Islamic Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. (via PJ Media)

Even before the Iran Nuclear Deal was ever on the table, the Obama administration secretly told the mullahs that detente was their aim with Tehran.

Unlike Russia, Iran actively pursues anti-Western and anti-Christian policies in the Middle East. While Tehran is currently providing money, weapons, and advisors to Iraqi and Syrian armies battling ISIS, these Shi’ite fundamentalists have been open about their desire to bring their fight back to America.

Compare Obama’s backchannel with Kushner’s.

For starters, Kushner apparently pitched the idea alongside Lt. General Michael Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Kushner’s idea was to open a secret “backdoor” with Russia in order to trade information, and possibly kickstart a peace process in Syria. (via ABC News)

Rather than start a war with Russia (which Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and the Washington elite all want), and rather than funnel money and power to a rogue actor (which Obama did), Kushner tried to leverage Russia’s influence in Syria as a way to end the six-year civil war.

Despite what the liberal media is telling you, backdoors and private channels are very common.

Second of all, the brouhaha over Kushner is similar to the overreaction to President Trump’s supposed leaking of intelligence information to Russia. President Trump is only trying to help Russia in their fight against ISIS in Syria, and had every right to include the Russians in his talks. He’s in control now.

Considering all of this terrible reporting, maybe more backchannels are needed.

Overall, the media consistently rushes to support foreign policy designs that are intrinsically anti-American. Obama’s strengthening of Iran was an unmitigated disaster. His decision to arm non-Kurdish “Syrian rebels” (in reality, jihadists) was also stupid.

With President Trump’s nationalist foreign policy, do not expect our media to support it, or report on, it factually. It’s in their interest to lie and brainwash whatever idiots will listen to them.

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