BREAKING: Melania Breaks Her Silence, DESTROYS Mika With 4 Short Words

The controversy surrounding Mika Brzezinski and the Trump family is growing. Now Melania is involved, and she is NOT happy.

Right before the weekend, Brzezinski was speaking on Morning Joe when the trash talking started AGAIN. According to The Daily Mail, Brzezinski said that Melania wanted to leave her marriage badly and that she was only sticking around for her son. Melania was furious at this completely false accusation and summed up her feelings: “She doesn’t know me.”

We cannot figure out why these political hacks won’t give up and leave Trump and his family alone. If they had LEGITAMITE concerns and wanted to bring those factors to the forefront that would at least make sense. What we see here is NOTHING of the sort.

Commenting on how small the president’s hands are or insinuating that Melania is not happy in her marriage is pure nonsense and designed just to provoke a reaction. Here is the kicker, once the media gets the reaction they provoke, they play the victim. It is by far one of the most infuriating things on planet earth.

You cannot talk trash to someone and their family for MONTHS on end and not expect the truth to emerge, particularly when you don’t even really know them well enough to make calls like how happy Melania is in her marriage.

All we are seeing is an attempt to stir up trouble and keep people distracted from the good that President Trump is doing in our country and around the world. The media is just trying their hand at brainwashing, and astonishingly, it is WORKING with most libs and SOME of the conservatives!

The media feels like they can come out EVERY SINGLE DAY and attack Trump and people will start to see him as “bad” even if it isn’t true. How do they get off saying that Melania is unhappy in her marriage? What evidence do they have that supports this claim — spoiler: the answer is ZERO evidence.

Brzezinski said, “I’m just telling you, Melania’s got the worst job in the country and I don’t think she wants to do it a lot longer. I think she will do it for as long as she has to for her son, and that’s it.”

How DARE she try to invoke the President’s son into her commentary. If the tables were turned, she would most likely respond in an incredibly defensive nature, everyone on her bogus news network chiming in in her defense.

Brzezinski, Scarborough, and the rest of that fake news crew need to drop the nonsense and start focusing on covering REAL NEWS. No one watches MSNBC to hear the Morning Joe team’s “insightful commentary” on how you think the president’s marriage is going. People watch the network to get their DAILY NEWS. How about you guys start DOING YOUR JOB?

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