BREAKING: Trump FIRES Comey After He Caught Him Doing THIS

We have heard about a lot of controversy swirling around FORMER FBI Director James Comey. It all finally came to a head today. Suffice to say, Comey is officially out of friends. GOOD RIDDANCE!

In a startling twist, President Trump officially announced that he fired Comey, via USA Today. Trump made his decision based on evidence that Comey lied to Congress regarding how Huma Abedin handled classified emails. The best part is The FBI sold him out to the President with a letter.

Comey swore in his testimony that Hillary Clinton aide, Abedin, forwarded “hundreds and thousands” of emails to her husband, New York Rep. Anthony Weiner. He went on to say that the emails contained private information and the purpose allegedly was so that Weiner could print them out.

It turns out that this information was completely false, according to this OFFICAL letter sent from the FBI. The email detailed the fact that only a small number of the roughly 49,000 emails were forwarded from Abedin. The rest were backups from her personal computers and phones.

The FBI’s letter went on to say that they discovered that only two of the 12 forwarded emails contained classified information. This, of course, doesn’t absolve Adedin at all — she’s still responsible for that classified information getting onto her personal computer!

The big question remains: why did Comey lie? He has been burying himself for quite some time now. Let us not forget that he landed himself in hot water when he announced that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails was officially reopened less than two weeks before the election. Then, he didn’t even prosecute her.

Now, he is lying under oath about what was going on with those classified emails. The whole thing reeks. Regardless of what he says after the fact to defend himself, it is clear that he was trying to hide SOMETHING.

As time goes on, more information is going to come to light regarding this case. There is a good chance that he got himself into trouble when he made the announcement regarding Hillary’s emails, then he tripped himself up trying to lie about it. We DO NOT need someone like this heading the FBI!

If we cannot trust him to tell the truth regarding this issue, what else is he covering up, and who is he covering up for? One thing is for sure, President Trump is done with the nonsense. On Comey’s firing, he said in an official statement that “today will make a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement.”

Back to Huma: She was clearly in on this in one way or another, and this is NOT acceptable. There’s no doubt in my mind that her and Hillary’s story of corruption isn’t anywhere close to over.

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