WATCH: British Politician Gets FED UP With Anti-Trump Attacks, Goes On EPIC Pro-America Rant

A British politician showed his peers why they must stop with their Trump derangement syndrome. It’s great to see common sense is still alive and well in the British government!

“[Trump] is going to go down in history as being roundly condemned for being the only politician to deliver on his promises,” said British Conservative MP Nigel Evans. “Get over it because he’s the president of the United States.”

It would be amazing if every Democrat in the United States, or at least in Congress, listened to Evans’ sage remarks. Perhaps it would at least give them pause to consider why they lost the election and continue to lose support from blue collar and Midwest voters.

Liberals didn’t take a serious look at why their superstar candidate lost. It surely couldn’t have been her fault or their fault — something nefarious had to have been at play!

Just days after Donald Trump WON the presidential election, they went into vehement attack mode and started all this Russian collusion nonsense. It was the powerful and massive movement by the “forgotten people” Evans so eloquently mentioned that caused the career politician to be handed a presidential defeat once again.

Nigel said the most important part of the Trump win to ponder was why so many Americans felt left behind. Liberals do not want to think about that — they would prefer to dub all of us deplorable, racist, uneducated, and fascist.

The complete lack of self-awareness by the liberal elites who live inside an echo-chamber of their own making is stunning. It will ultimately be their downfall come the midterm elections. Here are just a few reasons why Trump voters felt left behind: 

1 – Democrats stopped putting America first. The mere thought of doing so was so contrary to their open society and globalist mindset, and they considered the most important part of their oath of office to be arrogant and xenophobic.

2 – Democrats treated the Constitution like a dirty old rag. A political party that thinks the founding principles of this nation are antiquated and racist does not deserve the vote of a single patriotic American.

3 – Liberals also forgot this nation was founded upon states’ rights and grew the already obese federal government to historic levels. Controlling our lives because they knew better than us what was good for us was far too demeaning for a free people to stomach any longer.

4 – Spending our money on “free stuff” in a thinly veiled attempt to buy votes hit a breaking point with struggling and hardworking Americans. Sending our money to foreign nations, many of which not only hate us but have openly declared a desire to kill us and end our way of life — well, that became too much to tolerate any longer as well.

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