BREAKING: Pat Buchanan Issues URGENT Warning About Plot Against Trump. Please Take Heed.

Long before there was Donald Trump, there was Pat Buchanan. A fearless fighter for traditional American values and the dignity of working people, Buchanan is a constant voice of reason in the swamp that is American politics. When he warns of something, take heed.

Calling former FBI Director James Comey a part of the “Washington octopus,” Buchanan claimed that the deep state in the nation’s capital is trying everything in their power to remove President Donald Trump from office. “The establishment, the media, the deep state, and the whole D.C. ‘octopus’…has targeted Trump the way they targeted Nixon and succeeded, and targeted Reagan but didn’t bring him down in Iran Contra,” Buchanan warned (via US Defense Watch).

Buchanan should know all about this. After all, he served in the White House under both Nixon and Reagan.

Another former Nixon colleague, Roger Stone, has issued similar warnings about secretive attempts by a D.C.-based shadow government to topple President Trump’s administration. (via YouTube)

On the Left, media hacks are also drawing comparisons between President Trump and Nixon. The mainstream media is a leftist propaganda machine.

In one article, they make a big stink about how Nixon, who is considered the epitome of crooked American politics by millions of Americans who do not know better, never fired his FBI director. (via New York Times)

No matter what the Left says, there’s mounting evidence that there is indeed a targeted campaign against President Trump.

From constant harping on his supposed connections to Russia, to various plots to wiretap President Trump’s communication devices, the Left may be resorting to open sabotage.

However, Buchanan pointed out in a CNN interview that recording conversations in the White House is nothing new and nothing obscene, thus destroying a new media attack against Trump. (via Bozeman Daily Chronicle)

It may be possible that President Trump has Comey on tape saying something incriminating or otherwise damaging. Unlike previous American presidents, Donald Trump is not one for decorum or false civility. This is what killed Nixon. Trump has learned his lessons well.

All American patriots owe Pat Buchanan a debt of gratitude. This former presidential candidate fought the good fight for “America First” a full two decades before the coming of Trump. Now, Buchanan remains loyal to his country by exposing the swamp creatures who wish to turn America into a banana republic.

Thank you, Mr. Buchanan.

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