Surprise! Bush Supporters Flock to THIS Candidate After He Drops Out

Jeb Bush called it quits after South Carolina and a lot of people assumed his followers would go right to Rubio. Well, that didn’t exactly happen.

Quite a few of Jeb’s supporters are actually moving over to Donald Trump, according to a poll on This has to be a shock to the GOP establishment and surely has them rethinking their strategy.

All we have been hearing from the media is how these voters will go to anyone but Trump. Jeb’s people were supposed to move right over to Kasich or Rubio, but that did not happen.

The GOP has been counting on this and it is likely one of the reason’s Bush left the election so quickly. Now, that plan has gone up in smoke and Trump is just sitting there laughing his butt off.

Donald tried to tell them this would happen, but the only people that believed him were his supporters. The GOP continues to doubt him and he continues to upset the apple cart.

Every candidate in this race is in real trouble right now. Last night proved Trump does not have the ceiling the GOP thought he had and if things keep going like this, the only thing these candidates will be trying to win is a place on Trump’s ticket!

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