BREAKING: California Just Got Closer to Leaving America. Should We Let Them Go?

Californians angered by the election of President Trump are preparing to depart from the Republic after losing one election.

Xavier Becerra, California’s Attorney General, offered an official ballot measure allowing the CalExit movement to start collecting the 585,000 signatures required to prompt a secession referendum. (via Western Journalism)

Marcus Ruiz Evans is leading the effort to leave the Union, and he says that the election of President Trump has spurred a renewed interest in the separatist movement.

“If California votes were taken away, Trump won the popular election,” Evans explained. “So what kind of people elect a man like that? The answer: not Californians.”

While Californians decide whether they want to remain a part of America, the rest of us are left to chose if we want to keep them. There are real strengths and weaknesses to CalExit.

First of all, California is our largest state with a population of 39 million representing about 12 percent of the population.

California also has the most prosperous economy out of all the states with an annual GDP of 2.6 trillion representing about 14 percent of the American economy.

In terms of government spending, California basically breaks even. For every dollar the federal government receives in taxes from California they return $.99 in federal services. (via L.A. Times)

Thus, California is economically neutral. Our country’s net-GDP would take a hit if California left, but the drop would be neutralized by a proportional drop in federal spending. However, California benefits from the federal government in many ways beyond spending on federal programs.

For example, California relies on the American military. The international trade routes that support Silicon Valley are dependent on the protection of the American military. If California decided to leave they would be forced to cover the costs of their own defense – making CalExit an expensive proposition.

The rest of America, however, would benefit from CalExit. California exerts undue control over American politics – between the sheer size of California’s voting block and the brainwashing of Hollywood.

While most of us would be unaffected by CalExit, the movement would be disastrous to the people of California. If they decide to leave we should let them – and wait for the state to come crawling back.

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