WATCH: Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Every Anti-Trump Lie Meryl Streep Told. Watch the Whole Thing

Meryl Streep’s attack of Donald Trump is continuing to impact the news, and now Tucker Carlson is putting his two cents into the mix.

“She’s no outsider,” Carlson said of Meryl Streep, who is playing the victim like all the other liberals. Carlson called her what she is—an elitist who was catering to her own demographic.

There was no point to her speech except to bash Donald Trump, and it wasn’t “brave” to stand in front of whole bunch of like-minded people to state her opinion.

People are ranting and raving about how great it was that she stood up for her beliefs, but she was saying it as a liberal in front of other liberals. Where’s the bravery in that?

Meryl Streep is very far from being an outsider—she is one of the queens of Hollywood. She was born and raised in America, yet she lumped herself in with foreigners as part of a segment in the U.S. that is being “vilified.” In her speech, she said she went to public school as if that automatically means she’s had a hard life or understands average Americans.

Streep and the rest of the liberal celebrities are content to write off Donald Trump as a terrible person as well as every single person who voted for him, yet somehow they’ve deemed themselves victims all because Hillary Clinton did not win the election.

To actors like Streep, acting is such a great contribution to society. They “help” spread empathy for other people’s lives and cultures that people would otherwise be unable to feel, but really, it’s just a way to work as little as possible for over-inflated paychecks.

All that movies and TV shows bring to the table is giving people a chance to relax even to the point of making them lazy. They make ordinary people live vicariously through the lives of often fictional people and stories instead of going out and living their own. If you want to understand someone’s life, talk to someone, read a book, travel, explore.

To Meryl Streep, being a celebrity puts you on the same level of some type of martyr, continuing this narrative of being part of a segment of poor liberal “foreigners” who are now threatened by Donald Trump as the new U.S. president.

Let’s give Ms. Streep some perspective about the candidate she believed was the answer for acceptance and diversity:  Hillary Clinton is a crook who was careless about national security and who did not deserve to take even a single step back into the White House.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, cares about America and wishes to see it made better and prosperous, with more opportunities for the real outsiders. That’s why we voted for him. Streep can whine and complain all she wants, but she is just a hypocrite and a coward who would rather divide this country than unite it.

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