WATCH: Tucker Carlson Exposes Covert Threat Against Americans, Media Hiding It

Tucker Carlson is launching a week long series exposing the horrors of one of the greatest threats facing our nation.

The international drug cartel MS-13 has destroyed their home country of El Salvador, and the violent gang members are spreading north with the intention of taking over our streets.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions headed to Central America last Thursday to meet with his counterparts in the El Salvadorian government as well as government officials from nearby countries.

El Salvador has been ravaged by the street gang, causing crime and murder rates to skyrocket. The streets of El Salvador are less safe than Iraq, as the Central American country’s murder rate outpaces a war zone.

Businessmen are forced to ride in armored vehicles with private security details across their own country. Six police officers have been killed by the gang in the last ten days — a staggering amount for this small country.

Attorney General Sessions’ work with the El Salvadorian government is essential in combating the gang. We cannot protect our streets unless the government of El Salvador stops the flow of gang members from their end.

MS-13 gang members consider our border security a joke as they flock into our country by the hundreds to live under the protection of sanctuary city laws.

The gang takes advantage of these sanctuary city laws, and illegal immigrants are typically the number one target of the criminal gang. Illegal immigrants are robbed, raped, extorted and beaten by MS-13 members with no sense of honor or loyalty.

Officials believe that high ranking MS-13 gang members from Central America are calling the shots for their counterparts on American streets. MS-13 members working in the United States do not fear the police because they know they are free to sneak back into our nation if they are deported.

The only way we can secure our streets from this brutal gang is by securing our border and ensuring MS-13 thugs are safely locked away in Central American prisons.

Tucker Carlson will continue his special report tonight with an interview from a former MS-13 assassin.

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