WATCH – Carrier Employee STUNS Reporter With Powerful Response to Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama angered many Americans when she said on Oprah that Americans don’t have hope, but many Americans are speaking out against this, including this Carrier employee.

“Donald Trump saved Carrier’s factory here in Indiana, and I just appreciate that,” he stated on Fox & Friends. 

According to Mrs. Obama, Americans are learning “what not having hope feels like.” It doesn’t sound like Michelle has talked to many regular Americans recently.

This Carrier employee personally had his job saved by Donald Trump. During this Christmas season, this man won’t have to worry about how he will pay his bills, feed his family, or care for his children.

This man’s co-workers are imbued with hope from Donald Trump too. Living under globalist policies drained the hope out of many Americans who were laid off or who knew they were soon about to be.

Barack Obama’s eight years in office were hopeless for many other reasons. Americans who witnessed the horrible crimes committed by radical Islamic militants felt hopeless when Obama did nothing, and our government threatened us to not lash out against the Muslim people.

Hopelessness is having Obamacare and constantly worrying about how much your deductible will rise. Many have lost the doctor they prefer and have to travel distances to go to a different one. Many also receive substandard medical care. Hopelessness is not being able to afford your health insurance.

Liberals only feel hopeless because they lost and failed to elect the first woman president. Well, the presidency is not about achieving milestones—it’s about electing the person who is best for the job of leading this country and protecting it.

And Miss I-Don’t-Know-What-Classified-Documents-Look-Like was not our best choice. She didn’t even really rank top ten.

The American people did not want Hillary Clinton in the White House again because corruption follows her like bad body odor. It’s obvious to everyone but her, and she gets very offended whenever you bring it up.

Michelle Obama can say Americans don’t have hope all she wants, but that does not make it true. Hope is necessary—at least she got that right, and that’s why the people rallied and elected the person who promised to bring hope back into this country.

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