Charlie Daniels Defies Obama, SLAMS Him With 1 Simple Sentence

Chuck Norris isn’t the only big personality speaking out against Barack Obama. On Tuesday morning, Charlie Daniels sent out a tweet, one among many actually, that was reminiscent of Jordan throwing down over Ewing. He just flat out owned him.

Charlie simply stated, “Obama if you’re so worried about criminals why did you just turn thousands of them back out on the street”. See his actual tweet below…

Daniels, of course, was referring to the massive prison release approved by Barack Obama due to the overcrowding of prisons. Not to worry, though, most of them were only drug dealers, the very criminals that thrive on ILLEGAL guns!

Instead of holding criminals accountable for their actions, he wants to let them loose on the streets and take the guns we buy legally to defend ourselves away from us! Yeah, that makes perfect sense Obama!

But hey, we understand, you are about to retire and have the Secret Service protect you and your family for the rest of your life. So it doesn’t really matter to you if these criminals are on the streets!

Mass shootings and terrorist attacks sicken us, but if we are able to buy guns legally, at least we can still defend ourselves and protect those in danger. Now, if Obama has his way, we have to stand by like sheep heading to the kill house while criminals, who usually get their guns through illegal channels, are armed to the teeth!

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of this nonsense! I wish the elections were tomorrow so we could get this clown out of the White House and get a President in there that truly respects the American people’s needs.

Thanks for the tweet Charlie and keep the bombardment against Obama coming. We love it!

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