BREAKING – Chicago Gives Up, Asks Trump to PLEASE Help Them…

The crime rate in Chicago is still tragically high, so police board chairwoman Lori Lightfoot admitted the city needs some help. 

Lightfoot said, “We need to have more federal gun prosecutions in Chicago. Our federal partners from the U.S Attorney’s office, the ATF, the FBI need to be much more invested in this overall strategy…Chicago Police Department cannot tackle this issue by itself. This is not a problem that we’re going to arrest our way out of,” via KDLG.

Lightfoot said that Chicago is “in crisis.” It’s sad to say, but the statistics back that up. In 2016, Chicago had 4,331 shooting victims and 762 murders. Whatever it is the mayor and the rest of the police force are doing isn’t working.

The nation’s next U.S. president took note of this too. He previously tweeted out that if Mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn’t know how to solve the problem, then he should ask for help. Unfortunately, those on the left only met this tweet by their new president with disdain.

“Certainly, Trump’s campaign rhetoric gives us plenty of evidence to understand his approach to criminal justice policy and, more broadly, his views of people of color,” Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve wrote in an op-ed for CNN.

She added, “This tough-on-crime strategy is fueled by Trump’s own ignorance of the communities most impacted by violence and his inability to account for the political and social causes that create violence.”

Of course, Van Cleve shouldn’t be belittling President-elect Trump’s offer of free help. A lack of confidence in the police cannot be used as an excuse any longer and neither can this race-baiting. The only thing Trump revealed about his “views of people of color” is that he knows they are suffering in Chicago and will continue to unless they get some help!

Besides, the Democrats’ focus on “social causes” sure hasn’t worked so far, so why should Trump continue with it?

Lightfoot noted how the communities that are most in need are the ones that always cite the strained relationship they have with the police. She made note of how the anger over the Jim Crow laws still emanates from some of these communities, but she said they are only going to hurt themselves with that anger.

The Jim Crow laws are a terrible black mark on our history, but to use these rightfully revoked laws as a wedge against the police is counterproductive. Folks like Van Cleve continue to do that when they needlessly criticize Donald Trump. His job is to “Make America Great Again,” and a crucial component of that is trying to increase safety!

It would appear that the only ignorant individuals are those who look at President-elect Trump’s offer of help and think he is being racist at every turn. Something’s got to give.

The people of Chicago need to be protected, and a bunch of people playing the race card against the protectors, the police, isn’t going to help the situation one iota. Perhaps Lori Lightfoot should be the mayor because she realizes that the Windy City is going to need federal help to get out of this mess.

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