WATCH: CIA Chief Brennan Slips Up, Exonerates Trump While Under Oath

The radical Left and the mainstream media’s conspiracy theory is utter nonsense and completely irrational. Unfortunately, it’s just what we have come to expect after Obama’s America.

Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan destroyed the Left’s narrative. During John Brennan’s testimony in front of the House of Representatives, Democrat Representative Adam Schiff asked Brennan whether the Trump administration pressured the Intelligence Community to drop the Flynn investigation. Brennan responded, “No, sir.” What will the liberals do about this one? (via Gateway Pundit)

The left-wing media is going to have a hard time explaining this one. Obama’s CIA just admitted that the media’s narrative is patently incorrect. There is no way to back out of this one. Even the Obama team is admitting that there is no wrongdoing.

The radical Left is in trouble. Now, they will have to face the truth. They lost the election because they had a terrible candidate and their policies are junk. They cannot even face that simple truth.

The media isn’t covering this story, and we know why: they cannot accept that their narrative has been defeated. They are cowering from the truth. Hillary Clinton was just a bad candidate and a sketchy person.

The DNC was so obsessed with Hillary Clinton that they even rigged their own democratic system to ensure her success. The majority of liberals wanted Bernie Sanders, and the DNC robbed them of that. They should consider becoming conservatives, because we respect the voting process.

While conservatives try to ensure we have a fair vote, the radical Left wants to make it easier for voter fraud to occur. It is no wonder they want to keep bringing in illegal immigrants and refugees, because they would vote for Democrats.

Now, the Democrats are in trouble. Their Russia fabrication has been untangled. Their policies are trash. They only have the mainstream media, and no one even trusts the media. What do the liberals have left?

Thankfully, we have Donald Trump in office and a red Congress. Unfortunately, Congress mostly consists of RINOs. These RINOs are committed to apologizing for liberals and pandering to independents. They don’t care about conservative values.

We need Trump’s policies. We need to build that wall and drain that swamp. We cannot accept the liberalism world view. Our country has been suffering, and Trump is going to fix our nation.

After eight years of Obama, it is a miracle we are still a great country. Obama almost completely dismantled our basic freedoms and integrity. He tried to undermine American values, and the mainstream media didn’t even bat an eye.

With the Trump-Russia conspiracy losing credibility, what will the mainstream media come up with next?

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