WATCH: CIA Official Leaks Obama’s Plot to Destroy America, Proves Trump Right

Obama has always been a shady character, there’s no doubt about that. But now, there’s news surfacing that demonstrates that Obama is a traitor to this country.

A former CIA official came forward and admitted that Obama forced us to “switch sides” on The War On Terror. Clare Lopez, who is a former CIA officer, revealed to World Net Daily that we used to fight against Sharia Law and terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. When Obama took over, things took a strange turn. Obama decided to start HELPING Muslim terrorists and ENCOURAGED regressive Islamic Law, proving him to be nothing but a rat the entire time.

In her candid interview with WND, the operative admitted that in 2010, “It was time to bring down the secular Muslim rulers who did not enforce Islamic law. And America helped.”

After revealing such an interesting point, the obvious question was “Why would Obama sell out his own country?” Lopez revealed it was because the Muslim Brotherhood weaseled its way into the Obama administration, and seeped into other sectors of the federal government.

It would certainly make sense that there are “extremists” in the other sectors of the government, especially considering the sheer mass manipulation of the Left. They do not care about logic or facts at all anymore.

At a glance, it looks like they were force fed a series of lies and developed a form of “Stockholm syndrome.” Suddenly, ideas that were ABSURD 20 years ago are commonplace. It sure seems suspicious.

The next topic that Lopez brought up was quite interesting. She discussed the parallels between Obama and Osama Bin Laden. Lopez made it clear that Obama and Osama had essentially the same goals.

We wondered, what goals could those be? But she made it clear, Obama AND Osama wanted “to remove American power and influence, including military forces, from Islamic lands.”

It is clear now, thinking back, that there were some startling parallels between the two that simply cannot be ignored. In a sense, they set us up for a failure of epic proportions. Little do they know, we are going to overcome their wishes to see us fall with blinding colors.

Their system was simple, they brainwashed (or attempted to brainwash) half the country through mass manipulation and tried to steal the election from Trump so they could continue their agenda. They knew all along that President Trump would stomp them, the Democrats barely had a message!

Once their mission fell apart, they realized that the only way the Dems could get control is if they got everyone stirred up about the president. They pulled all their cards out, Russian lawyers, conspiracies years in the making, talks of misogyny, you name it. We do find it odd that the same people who hate President Trump for being “misogynistic” LOVE Muslims and sanctuary cities, and practically ENCOURAGE Sharia Law.

If you want to see hypocrisy, folks, here it is. The ignorance of the Left is on display for everyone to see. Here is to hoping for 8 years of President Trump stomping out their agenda!

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