ALERT – Stunning New Climate Report Just Revealed, Global Temps Are Now…

The liberals like to tout climate change as a major issue despite many scientific studies going against their big government agenda. They’ve been calling this year’s record-breaking heat as a sign of climate change, but the heat wave has just broken!

Global average temperatures over land have dropped by more than one degree Celsius since the middle of this year, as per the Daily Mail. This is the biggest temperature decrease on record.

This dramatic fall in temperatures is demonstrated by NASA measurements in our lower atmosphere.

Experts believe that the decrease in temperature is caused by the end of El Niño, a warming of ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean in the western area of Central America.

El Niño is a natural phenomenon, happening roughly once a decade, and it has nothing to do with carbon emissions. This past El Niño has been the strongest ever recorded including over the one last recorded in 1998.

Naturally, the strongest version of this natural phenomenon contributes to the record-breaking temperatures we saw this year. This truly flies in the face of liberal global warming propaganda.

Some liberal scientists say that the recent run of high temperatures is caused by global warming. Other scientists argue that it is El Niño that explains this year’s records.

The most recent El Niño, which ran from 2015 to 2016, increased water temperatures by up to three degrees. The event has now shifted to the La Niña event, which is also a natural phenomenon that always follows El Niño by cooling global temperatures. The ocean is slower to cool, but it is dropping as well.

The shift between El Niño and La Niña is a gradual change in temperature because the oceans stabilize temperature on land and gradually dissipates the heat. Naturally, as the oceans take up most of the Earth’s surface, their stabilizing effect is dramatic and sustained, especially in coastal areas.

You may see liberal scientists claim 2016 as a hot year, which is true but not unexpected of an El Niño year!

Next year, however, there should be a large drop in temperature like the one we saw in 1998.

You’ll hear them raging about how this cold temperature is also unexpected. The thing is: no… it isn’t.

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