Clinton Insider Warns Of ‘Disturbing Visitors’ At Obama’s Secret War Room 2 Miles From White House

Back when Bill Clinton was the only politician in the family, Dick Morris worked for the Clintons, that is before quitting in disgust. His connections have given him some disturbing intel.

According to Morris’ inside sources, Barack Obama is holding twice daily phone calls from a war room, which is near Michelle’s office, The Gateway Pundit reported.

Former Obama aides are in offices nearby, and at least two former aides are involved in the phone calls: the former head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Andrew Slavitt, and the former Health & Human Services head, Kathleen Sebelius.

According to Morris, the phone calls have been focusing on health care. Perhaps they were involved in making the vote to repeal Obamacare a tie.

The phone calls are held twice daily, at 8:30 am and 9:45 am, EST. Morris tells us that they spend the calls developing talking points for the media and strategy to undermine President Trump.

What happens between the two phone calls? Do the operatives go out and get the media to agree to their narrative, then meet back up to discuss results?

Regardless of what is going on, one thing is for sure–it’s not ethical. Barack Obama needs to get his red hands out of our government.

This is what happens after electing a young “community organizer” to the presidency. He doesn’t have a non-political job to return to. He’s too young to retire. It sounds like Obama can’t let go of the power that the government gave him, and he can’t help but try to manipulate the direction of our country with his embedded operatives.

Even Michelle appears to be obsessed with political posturing, and she is likely flexing political influence, too, despite the fact that her responsibilities never included official governmental duties.

We need to push Congress to speed up the rest of President Trump’s appointments. That is the only way our government can truly be free of the Obamas’ grasp.

There should be no one in government or anyone with political influence, that has an allegiance or loyalties to Barack Obama and/or his Progressive handler, Valerie Jarrett.

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