WATCH – Bill Clinton Son Announces Paternity Test, Reporters Instantly FREAK OUT On Camera

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill routinely paint themselves as caring philanthropic people who are deeply committed to helping the least among us, but when the rubber meets the road and an opportunity presents itself to right a wrong, they look the other way.

One of the little-covered stories of this election cycle is the revelation that Bill Clinton fathered a half-black child while he was governor of Arkansas. While dozens of stories of Bill Clinton’s dysfunctional zipper are well known, the story of Danney Williams is not one of them. In a viral YouTube video, it becomes apparent why—the mainstream media think his existence is damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign…

Williams traveled to Las Vegas on the charity of those who know him best on the outside chance he could meet his father, but as he announced he was seeking a DNA sample from the former president so that he could be vindicated to the world, the mainstream media turned on him as if he were a presidential assassin.

“I’ve been doing research all my life. I’ve heard all the stories; all the allegations about Bill Clinton,” he said. “All I wanted to know is where I come from; the part of me that’s missing.”

The reporters in the room, however, all visibly skeptical of Williams’s story and some obviously resentful to be covering the story, hammered Williams about his motives. They insisted he must be there to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign. “The Clintons—you see how this is damaging them?” one reporter asked.

Williams claims Bill Clinton was his mother’s only white “client” (Bobbi Ann Williams was a prostitute) at the time, saying he has known about his father since he was nine years old. He conveyed a story of how Bill Clinton would clandestinely deliver Christmas presents to him throughout his childhood.

While the results of a previous paternity test proved to be inconclusive, Williams says, “Most of Arkansas knows—I go anywhere and people say, ‘There’s Bill Clinton’s son. He looks just like him!’”

Whether or not Danney Williams is in fact Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son with a black woman remains the question of a definitive DNA test. Until then, the question’s validity has weight, as does the claim that Clinton is Williams’s father. The claim holds as much weight as the denial.

Williams says he is not seeking a monetary “settlement” of any kind—rather he wants to know his father just as he is known to his children. With the public declaration that there is no financial interest in Williams’s quest, as Donald Trump would say, what does Bill Clinton have to lose?

What he has to lose is an election for his wife. Admitting that Danney Williams is his son would mean that not only is there yet another illicit affair to add to Bill’s list but one that produced a child. It would mean Bill Clinton abandoned his child with a woman who was not his wife to further his political career. It would prove him to be a “deadbeat dad.”

Let’s face it, the First Gentleman can’t be seen as having abandoned his illegitimate, biracial child. He simply can’t be seen as a “deadbeat dad.” The mainstream media can’t have that either.

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