Clinton Staffer Blows The Whistle, Exposes Massive Media Lie About Trump

President Trump was elected and the left LOST their minds. They have been going around exclaiming “Look how low his approval ratings are!” In the words of our President… WRONG!

A former Clinton pollster, Mark Penn, has come forward with the truth. According to Penn, the mainstream media is lying about the figures surrounding Trump’s approval ratings. (via Hannity)

Penn stated that liberals using shady voting techniques in order to get the answers that they want to hear. They are asking politically charged questions such as, “What do you think of Trump’s Muslim ban?” Most people would say “Muslim Ban? No!” — we all know that the executive order was not a Muslim ban, as the left claimed.

They are also misrepresenting sample sizes and skewing the number in any way that makes their point look valid. If they polled 10 people and 7 said they didn’t like Trump, they would take it and run with it. They could come out and proclaim that his national approval rating is 30%, but you will never hear that the figure was based on only 10 people. Patriots, this is not surprising. We have known the mainstream media is full of lies.

Penn spoke at length about President Trump and his supporters. He said that he certainly thinks that the people who voted for Trump are liking him in office, and some people are actually changing their minds, and seeing the good that Trump is doing.

He said during the interview, “Trump is holding his base — The Washington Post said that 94 percent of Trump voters approve of the job he is doing.” It is amazing to see such SUPPORT for our President.

We do need to figure something out about this mainstream media problem. They have no issue lying about numbers, quotes, and pretty much anything that they report on.

The media needs someone to step up and tell them they are wrong. They are not journalists; they are political hacks trying to put forward an agenda that does not suit or benefit the rest of the world. There should always be a level of freedom in everything we do, and they hate that.

Just because someone does not like what you do with your freedom, that does not give them a right to stop you, so long as it is legal behavior. You should be able to say whatever you want without worrying about the repercussions. The left attacks people, they destroy property, and cause chaos when they don’t get their way.

People have a right to speak, regardless of whether liberals want to hear it or not. If you do not want to hear what the speaker has to say, go somewhere else. It really is that simple, and they just do not understand.

The only way that we are going to get the mainstream media under control is if we call them out for what they are: scam artists. We can use our rights to not watch their programming, and when we do watch, we can rip their arguments apart with facts and logic.

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