WATCH: Clinton White House Video Resurfaces, Liberal Media HUMILIATED

The media will find ANY reason to talk badly about President Trump. It is like a game to see who can outdo themselves with trash talk between the Liberal media channels. The problem is they tend to forget how hypocritical they look!

One of the arguments Democrats have been spinning is that the president is awful because he reduced the number of press briefings with Sean Spicer. As you can see, when Bill Clinton was president he was the EXACTLY same way. We don’t recall there being any outrage over that thought.

It is worth asking, how many press releases are necessary for a president? Especially to deem it a problem that warrants a breaking news label. The next obvious question is, do you think that Hillary Clinton would have held MORE conferences? If so, why? If we learned anything from her husband, it is that press briefings are not that big of a deal.

We can’t figure out why they are attacking this issue so hard — it doesn’t even make sense. The country gets CONSISTENT updates on what is going on around us. It is not like we’re in the dark by any means.

There are OTHER reasons why President Trump and Spicer make so few briefings. A STRONG possibility is they just wait until they have a bunch of information and tell us all at once to avoid the media.

Huckabee-Sanders, Spicer, and Trump have all admitted that they know about companies like CNN fabricating stories just for the sake of ratings. The recent video shows one of the lead CNN producers saying that “Trump is good for business.”

What they mean to say, is they attack him relentlessly and their audience eats it up. They are ONLY doing this because they care about their “business” and not real journalism.

Now, with that in mind, why would Trump want to talk to people who are going to bend and twist his words? We frequently see Trump speak through social media and during the briefings that DO take place.

It would seem that the President is right. The media hates him because they feel like they can’t control him. There is no way to edit his words and stop him from getting the truth out to us, even if they run fake stories about Russia in over 90% of their coverage. They need to step back; stop with the FAKE NEWS! They need to look at past presidents before they judge this one.

Though we would bet they are already well aware of the Clinton situation, they didn’t mention it because it would ruin their story. The way that journalism has decayed over the past ten years or so is frightening. If we plan on seeing REAL news back on the airwaves, we need to get rid of all of these phony channels. They are not actively critiquing the president. The media is slamming him because at they want better ratings. It is a disgrace.

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