BREAKING: CNN Confesses Russian Hacking Story Is FAKE NEWS

CNN has been thoroughly demolished over the past month and a half. With all of their credibility gone, do you think they are done lying? Not a chance.

Recently, CNN targetted those pesky Russians again for hacking the Qatari News Agency and posting fake news on the website so they could disrupt the relationship between the U.S., Qatar and affiliated Gulf Arab neighbors. The Hill reported quite the opposite, in fact, the Russians had nothing to do with it! The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is responsible. Imagine that!

We know what is going on here. CNN sees Russia as the new scapegoat for EVERYTHING. Their goal is to make the country look as dangerous as possible. How do you do that? Spread lies, of course.

CNN is GOOD at what they do–spreading fake news. They do it so often that we come to expect it. This story can be blown apart with a couple of simple points–points so simple that it seems like the “journalists” intentionally ignored them.

Just so we are clear, CNN is trying to say that Russia is SO advanced, they knew exactly what story to publish to cause a wedge. The Russians knew just what to say, when to say it, and how to do it.

It looks like we are not dealing with amateurs anymore, guys. Apparently, it is insane to think that maybe the UAE had direct involvement throughout the entire situation and, therefore, knew exactly how to light the sparks and cause an uproar.

In typical CNN fashion, their information comes from “unnamed sources,” so they MUST be credible. Why bother using facts that can be checked and examined? You can just pretend you know what you are talking about all the time without the inconvenience of a real source.

CNN reported that “The Russian goal appears to be to cause rifts among the US and its allies.” They added that Russian cyber activities are becoming increasingly common and that they are using fake news to manipulate elections in France and Germany, among other places.

It is ironic that CNN is trying to accuse the Russians of spreading fake news. You HAVE to laugh knowing CNN’S track record; they do nothing BUT spread fake news. Who do they think they are fooling? The ten people who still watch their network religiously?

At this point, The Onion is a more credible source than CNN. At least The Onion’s stories are based around some concept of truth. The crackerjack reporters over at CNN build their stories from the fictitious ground up and release them out to the public as fact. If you try to call them out on their foolishness, they whine like a bunch of children.

They tried to blackmail a guy who just made a funny meme, for goodness sake! How can anyone take these guys seriously anymore? Buckle up, folks. We are watching the end of CNN right before our very eyes.

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