WATCH: CNN Confronted With Hillary’s Russia Uranium Deal… Their Response Is Unreal

Good old CNN. They’re always ready to make outrageous claims to try and prove points that are clearly false or senseless.  There is no wonder why no one trusts them anymore.

Jason Miller was on New Day talking with Alisyn Camerota of CNN. Miller brought up the fact that Russia and Hillary WERE working together and the Uranium Deal is proof of that. According to Independent Journal ReviewCamerota suddenly made the wild claim that President Trump hypothetically would have approved the Uranium One deal TOO! 

Are the people at CNN out of their minds? We know that they are disconnected from reality, but this is taking it way too far. Why would President Trump want ANYONE to have that much uranium?

At this point, CNN “political contributor” (we use those words loosely) Hillary Rosen said that Hillary was AGAINST Russia and said that they posed a huge threat to us.

Of course, after this statement, Rosen brought up the release of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer–which proves nothing. In fact, if you haven’t heard, it was discovered that Loretta Lynch and Obama made sure that the Russian lawyer got over here to talk to Trump Jr.

She was initially denied a visa. Lynch, who was in the DoJ at the time, pulled strings to get her into the country. It was a big setup, a sort of “honey pot” used to pull in the inexperienced Trump Jr.

He didn’t know any better at the time and showed up, only to find out that there WAS no damning evidence. It was all a set-up to get him to appear in the same room as a Russian.

CNN is going to take this bit of information, set-up by the previous administration, and try to use it as solid proof that Trump colluded with Russia, when in fact, it shows the opposite. No information ever exchanged hands.

The story about the President possibly approving Clinton’s uranium deal is just one of many they are going to be pushing now that Trump Jr.’s emails are out. CNN is going to ride this Russian narrative until the wheels fall off. As of right now, there are three wheels missing, and one is rattling pretty hard. It cannot continue to exist this way for much longer.

Stories like this just go to show how biased CNN is ALL of the time. They have no regard for the American people. The patriots that have fought for our freedoms mean nothing to them. All CNN hopes to do is push their agenda hard enough for people to believe it. It is strange though because if you have ANY common sense, you can tell that they are blatantly lying.

Back in the day they at least tried to cover up the fact they were full of it, that is not the case anymore. If you are ever looking for a good laugh and want to see a group of uninformed elitists judge President Trump on hypothetical situations as if they actually happened, you might want to check out CNN.

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