WATCH: Look Who Just Went Live On CNN To DEBUNK Global Warming Once and For All

So-called “climate change” is one of the biggest scams ever to take hold of the public. Even though there’s no conclusive evidence for it, this theory continues to be shoved down our throats.

Thankfully, there are still professionals, like Weather Channel founder John Coleman, exposing the climate change hoax for what it is. On a recent TV appearance, Coleman destroyed CNN’s Brian Stelter, laying bare the politically-motivated nature of global warming.

John Coleman was on fire during his appearance! First, he attacks the oft-repeated leftist claim that there is a “consensus” on the reality of climate change. As Coleman says, there is no consensus in science. Science “isn’t a vote.”

BOOM! That’s one truth liberals try to sweep under the carpet. REAL science is about testing hypothesis, making observations, and collecting data. But liberals have politicized the scientific community, much to its detriment.

Democrats think they can make something true just by getting a bunch of activist scientists together and voting a “consensus,” even when the data doesn’t support their claims. That’s pseudo-science, not REAL science!

After making this point, CNN’s Brian Stelter tried to skirt away from the issue saying, “I don’t think we’re gonna have a conclusion about the topic right here.” Coleman’s reply: “I know we’re not because you wouldn’t allow it to happen on CNN.”

Stelter tried to strike back at the Weather Channel founder, asking how he reconciles his skepticism of climate change to the claim that 97% of climate scientists and government-sponsored organizations agree on the validity of man-made global warming.

This is where Coleman really lets Stelter have it. He responded by explaining that the government gives out billions of dollars a year for climate change research. Only the scientists who go along with global warming get a piece of the pie.

Thus, these climate organizations get filled with loony-toon believers in global warming; or scientists who secretly don’t agree but have to fake it to qualify for the funding. Anyone who doesn’t sing the praises of the climate change religion is ostracized, losing their career and hope for funding. It’s the complete opposite of how the scientific community should be.

Democrats are subverting science with their global warming myth. They’re making it harder for real science to progress, as well as wasting money on phony research when they could be funding something more useful — or simply letting taxpayers keep their hard-earned cash. But that would be too much to ask of leftists, wouldn’t it?

The reason liberals love climate change so much is that it supports their desire for big government. They scare the masses into believing in an impending doom, then tell them the only way to stop it is with a global “carbon tax” program.

Climate change also helps Democrats engage in crony capitalism, as they get to funnel public money into their pet “green” projects. The owners of these green technologies then pay the politicians back with handsome “speaking fees,” political donations, and other “gifts”.

Let’s show some support for real Americans like John Coleman for standing up to the corruption. Get the truth out there and help take our country back from the corrupt globalists!

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