BREAKING: Congress DEFIES Obama With Brilliant New Law, Obama Is Furious

Obama was the biggest hypocrite to ever disgrace our great nation. He constantly contradicted himself, and we all suffered because of it.

Recently, Obama has been giving talks to Wall Street in return for large sums of money. As a response, Congress is going to introduce a bill which will curb a president’s pension if they take over $400,000 of outside money. We support this bill! (via USA Today)

Obama vetoed a similar bill last year, which was surprising, because he originally supported the idea. Once again, we have seen Obama’s hypocrisy in action. It is sad this man was president.

This bill would be a good step towards draining the swamp. We need to drain the swamp, because these career politicians are ruining our country. They only care about money and their image in the mainstream media.

The RINOs and these career politicians need to watch out. President Trump is going to change the rules, because the American people have spoken. Why do we elect these career politicians?

We need more conservative choices. It seems like every new politician is just another globalist pawn. True conservatives need to start running for office. We need more people like Donald Trump to shake up the political process.

We cannot rely on these career politicians. They only care about themselves, and they do not understand the plight of us hardworking Americans. We need to replace them with real conservatives.

The Left and the mainstream media are in panic mode. They just don’t understand why people don’t vote for their awful candidates. They need to leave their elitist bubble and hang out with some real Americans.

The Left is self-destructive. They just don’t get it. They would rather make fun of hardworking Americans than admit that they are the problem. We need to hold the mainstream media accountable for their hatred and their lies.

Where is the accountability? We have let these politicians  and journalists skate by without consequences for too long. They would rather attend black tie tuxedo events than talk with real Americans. Do they even know what country they are living in?

Remember when all those celebrities promised to leave our country? None of them have left yet. They don’t have the courage to leave America because they know we are the greatest country this world has ever known. We should write to them and ask them to leave.

Liberals don’t understand how the world works. They are trapped in their smug bubble. They need to step outside and breath the fresh American air. Thankfully, Donald Trump is going to pop their bubble, and they will finally see the real world that Americans are living in. With Donald Trump, we will make America great again!

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