WATCH – Conservative Students ARRESTED For The Most Ridiculous Reason Imaginable

Liberalism continues to run amok in this country. Guess what conservative students at Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, MI were arrested for?

If you are a liberal, you would probably think it was because they were inciting a fascist riot or something along those lines, but you would be wrong. They were arrested just for passing out copies of the Constitution and recruiting for their group, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

It was a mild day last September when this group spent a couple hours promoting their organization. They were first stopped by Drew Hutchinson, the manager of student life at the college. He told the group not to approach students or talk to them outside. Hutchinson didn’t want the activists to “obstruct the students’ ability to get an education.”

Although the activists insisted they weren’t harassing the students, Hutchinson persisted. When one of the members asked a student if they liked freedom and liberty and the student stopped to talk to them, Hutchinson yet again cried foul.

Hutchinson continued to try to get the group to leave, but he got exasperated and left. About 20 minutes later, a security officer approached the group and asked them why they had not left the campus.

Not soon after, the group was surrounded by campus police and was told they could go to an indoor location, but they would have to leave the premises until they got the “proper permits.” Just another example of government red tape run amok. This country has been influenced by liberalism for far too long.

Ultimately, this is when the students were arrested even though they did not violate anyone else’s freedom of speech and everyone had the option of just walking away from them. Perhaps what it boils down to is that the college did not like what the group was promoting.

You see, liberals thinks that “freedom of speech” applies only to them. Somehow, it is perfectly fine and dandy for a liberal to smash up a Starbucks when Trump says two words they do not like.

They’ll also justify their actions with the Constitution, but when it’s something that makes their life difficult or conflicts with their world view, then you can bet your bottom dollar that someone like Michael Moore will go full blown Marxist and call for the U.S. Constitution to be abolished.

However, if you DARE to promote a conservative cause and discuss how you believe in the Constitution, then you must be dangerous and a threat to “student learning.”

Isn’t it a bit ironic you can now be arrested simply for passing out copies of the Constitution? Hey officer, care to read this before you arrest me?

Sadly, this double standard is going to continue coming from leftists if it is not held in check by Donald Trump and the rest of the conservatives on Capitol Hill.

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