BREAKING: Ted Cruz Introduces Powerful New Weapon To Battle Drug Cartels – Liberals HATE IT

It is time that we start using our military to protect Americans instead of footing the bill to defend other countries.

Senator Ted Cruz revealed his plan to destroy Mexican drug cartels by sending in the American military to battle the criminal organizations. Sen. Cruz wants to coordinate with the Mexican government to launch a huge military intervention (via Breitbart).

Breitbart’s Brandon Darby sat down with the Texas senator for a one-on-one interview late last month at the Bayer Museum of Agriculture in Texas.

Senator Cruz stressed that if we do send our military south of the border it must be with the active cooperation of the Mexican government. If it were not a cooperative effort, it could be considered an act of war.

However, the requirement for cooperation raises serious issues. The Mexican government and legal system have been overrun by transnational criminal organizations.

Tamaulipas, the Mexican state just south of the Texas border, is home to two of the most brutal gangs in the drug trade — the Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel. These cartels frequently release murderous videos that make ISIS beheadings seem tame.

The last two governors of Tamaulipas were fugitives of the American justice system working with the Gulf Cartel. The gangs are allowed to operate with impunity since they control the government.

Unfortunately, these cartels do not stay in Mexico and their bloody disputes frequently spill into American territory. The gangs make their millions smuggling women — human trafficking — and drugs into our country.

Mexico is under siege. The government has been corrupted and cannot be trusted. However, we cannot simply walk into sovereign Mexican territory unannounced. Our only option is to work with the few non-corrupt officials remaining in the Mexican government.

We need to send our military into Mexico, not just to protect American citizens, but to be good neighbors. The Mexican people are good people and average Mexicans live in constant fear of their government and the drug cartels that pull the strings.

If working with the Mexican government is not an option, we must at least station troops along our southern border. America, ironically, is expected to come to the defense of every country around the world except our own.

American troops are stationed all over the world. We still have thousands of soldiers deployed in Germany. So why can’t we station some troops on our southern border to keep Americans safe at home?

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