WATCH: D.C. Insider Reveals Location Of Obama’s Secret “War Room” – This Is Terrifying

We have known since day one that the Democrats want to see President Trump fail. Obama’s top secret war room came into the discussion, and we are beyond disgusted by what we learned.

As it turns out, according to Daily Mail, Obama has a “war room” just two miles away from the White House. It was established as a place where Democrats in high power can discuss ways to destroy President Trump by any means necessary. It is insane that these people are so dead set on destroying Trump, despite all of the good he is doing for the American people.

It was obvious that the Left is dead set on destroying the legacy that President Trump is building. Now we have solid evidence that this room exists AND we know who is spending their time in there.

Besides the Obamas, Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s former aide, moved into the house where all of this shady behavior is taking place. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is going on here.

The obvious answer is to work with the former president to find a way to take out Trump through his own resignation, or impeachment. We have bad news for them — that isn’t going to happen.

President Trump has worked way too hard to bring America back from the hole we were once in. While we may not be completely out yet, there is progress being made. The Patriots of this country are PROUD of the direction that Trump is trying to take us.

The only problem is all of this resistance. Never in the history of any president has there been this much uncalled-for resistance. President Trump is not doing anything crazy, racist, homophobic, or misogynistic, as the media would have you believe. In fact, when it comes to issues of gay rights, President Trump is the first president to come out day one and say he doesn’t have any problem with that lifestyle.

Daily Mail reports that Obama’s goal with this home is to oust Trump from his rightful place as president and we will not settle for that nonsense. If they want to remove President Trump, they are going to have to deal with all of the hard-working Americans that voted him into office.

As for Obama’s war room — it would be in his best interest to stop while he is ahead. There is evidence breaking regarding how he colluded with Clinton to stop the president from winning the election. If that evidence makes it to the light of day, we could see both Hillary AND Obama locked up, and wouldn’t it be sweet.

We are sick and tired of all of this traitorous behavior in our country. You are never supposed to wish that your president fails. If your president fails, your COUNTRY fails. They should be supporting him in any way possible — even if they don’t always see eye to eye. One day, Obama will get what he deserves.

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