BREAKING: Damaging New Map Just Released, Democrats Are Screwed

It is time for Democrats to admit that Obamacare has failed.

The average price of an insurance plan under Obamacare has more than doubled since it was enacted. Obamacare has raised the average insurance rate by $244 per month or $3,000 more than the annual cost of insurance in 2013 (via ASPE).

The Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) at the Office of Health and Human Services has released a detailed report revealing the actual cost of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

The report found that insurance rates have risen by an average of 105 percent across the 39 states using, compared to the cost of individual market premiums in 2013.

Residents of Alaska were hit the hardest by Obamacare. Average insurance rates in Alaska have risen by $697 since 2013, causing average premiums to cost more than $1,000 per month.

Now, it costs almost $12,500 per year to be insured in Alaska, compared to an average annual cost of $4,100 before Obamacare came into effect in 2014.

Alaska has a per capita income of $33,000 per year. This means that under Obamacare, an average American living in Alaska would be required to pay about 40 percent of their income on health insurance.

Obamacare was promoted as an effort to help middle and lower-class Americans, but it is the middle class that is burdened with paying for the rapidly increasing cost of Obamacare. Due to the increase in cost, the number of Americans purchasing insurance through the Obamacare exchange has dropped by 500,000.

People cannot afford the cost of insurance under Obamacare, nor the mandated tax for being too broke to buy healthcare. Democrats brag about the 9 million Americans purchasing insurance through the exchanges. Mostly, Democrats are gloating over forcing 9 million Americans to spend twice as much on health insurance.

The cost increases have been exasperated as insurance companies are forced to pull out of markets due to lack of profitability. Many counties are left without any insurance company thanks to Obamacare.

The Democrats claim they care about working class Americans, but Obamacare was a massive blow to the working class–especially small business owners. If the Democrats actually cared about the working class, they would repeal Obamacare at once.

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